Monday, 12 March 2012

More treasuries!

Here are some more treasuries featuring my cards.

Featuring my "Blue 3D Butterflies Card":
  1. Tag - You're it! #5 by Kim from CwtchBugs
  2. I'll have a BLUE Christmas by Connie from pigswife
  3. A Touch of Blue by Deb from debupcycles
  4. After Christmas Team Sale by Wendy from WendysWonders127
  5. Aquatic Flame by Katie from Furious Designs
  6. Makes me think of Spring by Amy from amydscrochet
  7. Blue Treasuries by Shoshi from shusha64
  8. PCFteam Treasury. Shop Till You Drop! by Joelle from DineinStyle
  9. Birds, Bees and Butterflies...... by Marsha from bagsbyhags45
  10. Blues by Ildi from Ceraminic
  11. Cool blues by Kate from handmadeintoronto
  12. Baby Blue by Shoshi from shusha64
  13. Join the Fun @ PCF Team by Coral from Toppy Toppy

Featuring my "Pink Thinking of You Card", which is now sold:
  1. Pretty in Pink, Red, and White for Christmas by gclasergraphics from Gulf Coast Laser Graphics
  2. ~~Shop Till' You Drop!~~ by Sue from gristmilldesigns
Featuring my "Snowflake Card":
  1. Every Snowflake is Unique by Cindy from CE Crafts
  2. winter wonders - pcfteam challenge by Sam from Girl with a rock hammer (unfortunately, the Snowflake Card expired, so it is not shown here and there are probably other treasuries!)
  3. Not ready for the Snow by Deb from Deb Upcycles
  4. Shop til you Drop What December Brings by Janice from Jani Baby
  5. No January Blues Here........ by Marsha from bagsbyhags45
  6. Monday Earthy Blue by Wendy from WendysWonders127
Featuring my "Pack of Four Small Snowman Cards":
  1. PCFTeam Challenge - Gifts to Give and Receive by Beverly from Texas Lils
  2. Payback - Thank you #7 by Audrey from Buffalo Creek Crafts
  3. Starting Early by Carmen from MagnoliaWay
  4. Baby It's Cold Outside! by Maya from bkinspired

Lots more treasuries to list.....Thanks for looking! :)

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