Monday 15 October 2012

Mighty Monday 17 - Treasuries

I put together a treasury for the PCFTeam Mighty Monday 17:
More Autumn Finds.
The other shops will be putting together treasuries of their own, featuring my shop.
Here they are:

  1. Promoting Creative Friends October 15 by Theodora with my Reindeer Card
  2. Totally Autumn by Coral and Coral with my Reindeer Card
  3. Purple and Orange by Carole with my Purple Heart Card
  4. Autumn Hues - Mighty Monday 17 by Kim with my Have a Wicked Halloween Card
  5. Fun Fall Finds by Karen with my Reindeer Card
  6. Orange You Glad It's Autumn? by AMarigoldLife with my Have a Wicked Halloween Card
  7. Monday Managerie by Pat with my Happy Birthday Dinosaur Card
  8. The Seasons; they are a' changin'! by Angie with my Have a Wicked Halloween Card
  9. Mighty Fine Treasures by The Barrett's with my Ohhh Christmas Tree Card
  10. Christmas Gifts by Fuesun with my Pack of Four Small Reindeer Cards
  11. Etsy Artisans Love Purple by Denise with my Thank You Card
  12. Mighty Mighty Earthy Monday by Heather with my Pack of Five Christmas Gift Tags
  13. Fun Fabulous #8 by Audrey with my Pack of Four Small Snowman Cards
  14. BeautiFALL by Shoshi with my Another Merry Christmas Card
  15. Shades of Autumn by Scotti with my Happy Birthday Dinosaur Card
  16. I wish I had these by Amy with my Bee Happy Card
Thanks for looking! :)

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