Tuesday, 13 December 2011


My XOXO Card has been featured in this beautiful treasury "I'm nuts and bolts about you" by Sandra of Sandra's Card Shop.

My Pack of Five Christmas Gift Tags in Red or Green are featured in four treasuries so far:

  1. Rolling Meadows by GratefulBeads of GratefulBeads
  2. PCF Team - Shop till you Drop, You know you want too!!!! by Pam of The Home Art Store
  3. Just a few ideas by Carole of Creatively Carole
  4. ROYGBIV by Maya of BK Inspired
My Pack of Two Hand Painted Cards - Butterfly with flowers are featured in five treasuries so far:
  1. So nice to meet friends at Christmas! by Angie of Foxfragaria
  2. Colorful gifts and ideas from PCFT shops by Coral of Toppy Toppy
  3. Shop Til You Drop - PCF team by MissE of Miss Elany
  4. Pink & Purple Gifts for Christmas by Audrey of Buffalo Creek Crafts
  5. My Lovely Lady.....Gifts! by Collette of Just 4 Bub
I think there are more treasuries featuring my cards.....I will post them at a later date!

Thanks for looking! :)

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